The Story

The Founder´s Word

To bring the Universe to you ™. TEOTC, The End Of Time Corporation ® (pronounced Teo Tech) is a consciousness brand forged from the vision of bringing the universe to you. Our vision empowers us to look beyond the short term successes of being human, and helps us focus on the long term meaning we are representing. In many ways you are free to think that TEOTC is a timeless value creation.

You are family and I thank you for being here. I love, respect and feel you. My name is Are Kamark, founder and co-creator of TEOTC, a human being who gave the self time to link with its purpose. While reading this paper, you will find how TEOTC corporation approaches current humanity problems and see solutions we offer to gain a conscious understanding of the universe and our role in it. TEOTC products and services aren’t positioned to be a part of a trend, but manifested as part of the history of humanity. We share the long term meaning and philosophy blockchain technology provides, where the trust is given back to the individual and safeguarded by technology. It will become part of the history of humanity, and our commitment comes from the ethics perspective.

To bring the Universe to you

Arises in relevance when ORCH AR becomes the leading theory of consciousness. If you come to the conclusion of investing in TEOTC, you invest in value creation linked with the evolution of science. Reality is far more impressive than we can imagine, and we support scientists and other truth seekers that dedicate their curiosity to unlocking more of the creation, which is not man-made.

We see ourselves as a quantum corporation and our perspective is organic. When we innovate we start from within and gradually move out and upwards. Our directions in the innovation process are not driven or controlled by value statements. TEOTC seeks to make the empowering choice at any given moment. A methodology conceptualised from the quantum world, and the fact is that you can’t claim to know where matter is at any given moment. You can, however, predict where the particle is, and take an educated chance. Since TEOTC represents the organic worldview, we began our journey of creation from within. This document explains why TEOTC creates a new ecosystem designed to meet the needs death leaves us with, and how we are empowering you by reforging the graves from a static stone, into timeless meaning. Practically through smart contracts, environmentally through replacing cemeteries and existentially through empowering your spirit with self actualisation.


Purpose and Method

Purpose; Explore and learn from the connection between all things. Join a platform to celebrate the unity of the Universe at all levels with a focus on the interface between life and death. Make products that ensure life success from timeless perspectve.

Method; TEOTC allows us to look beyond the short term achievement of being human, and helps us focus on what we represent in the long term. In many ways TEOTC is a timeless creation dedicated to bring the universe to you and empower its spirit.

World runs better with love

Given that the universe is well intentioned with its own consciousness, the more we connect with it, the more we can experience its kindness and potential. Kindness as in the absolute foundational form. It loves and understands unconditionally. Potential in an empowering perspective. By utilizing curiosity and science, you will be rewarded by unlocking the knowledge that is hidden from most people. Furthermore, It will empower you to keep being curious and adventurous creating a powerful positive feedback loop. A true gift for living as an enlightened human. Remember, by gaining a conscious understanding of the universe we begin to understand our role in it.

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